Sunday, June 5

1st BEL class

Ok..Urm, don't know how to start because this is kinda task that given by my lecturer to be completed. haha
*ayat berterabur
Ops, can not use bahasa here..
So, it's my 1st BEL class and I think that the lecturer will not attend because it's only the second week man..
But, I arrived at BK16 *stand for bilik kuliah about 8.20 AM,(10 minutes late) and there you are, Mr. and Mr. (she said). let them be a clown for today. ouh 0_o

Anyway, with a shameless face, I stuck at the front of the class. haha
then, she ask four question

1st : your name?
2nd : nick name?
3rd : live at?
4th : your perception about English

*credit to fadil a.k.a circle or bulat

"My name is Shahrin Azhar Rasidi
My nick name is Shahrin..err??
I came from Sekinchan, Selangor
And my perception about English is.. urm, I think English is not that hard..
due to the lack of practicing, exercising, caused us to feel lack of courage with English.
English can be simply be learn while we listening to English songs, reading an English newspapers and etc..
Doing that and we are improving for sure.. yeah "

hurm.. Not bad but totally awful standing infont due to late coming to the class..haha

thanks Miss Emy Shafika Nordin :)


  1. rindu plak ohh tgk org dtg kelas lambat dpt punishment :)

  2. rindu ae..cett
    ak mangsa tawu..
    grr :p

  3. haha..nk wat cane an..dtg lambat, merase laa..