Tuesday, June 21

I am reading the book ^_^

1st of all, this is the most interesting part in my to-do list because I have to update weekly about certain book that I have read. Not the whole pages, but enough with 2 or 3 pages. ha ha
So, lets proceed ---->

I don't know whether it's acceptable for any book, but I assume as long it's English book, it WILL be acceptable :)

To be frank, I haven't pick any book YET. I been in my room, staring blankly towards my laptop. Then, I pick this INTRODUCTORY PLANT BIOLOGY that belong to my junior.
With an evil smile I said, This will be the book for this week :D
So, I opened the book and read it steadily, from the very 1st page until 8th page.
1st page until 5th page story about the relationship between human and environment, human and animals.

wohoa 0_o

A boring pages. ha ha
but, I've found some interesting data about human population. The estimated human population in 2009 is about 6.7 billion. wow
And it's expected to be 7.8 billion in 2025.
Earth remain small but human population continuously grown.

So, the book also told us to keep environment at it's best as it can. because, we continuously used everything in earth without thinking the future of our next generation. How they will survive if we leave them with an empty world. That is not the only problem stated, the book said that the pollution is everywhere. Where our manners have been??
Why some of us keep littering even though they have been told about the negative consequences of doing that??
That was not include about global warming.. (taking a deep breath) ha ha

There's a lot if I want to write about. But I think it's ok to leave all of you a massage regarding our environment. Answer this QUESTION deeply in your heart before you're leaving my page ^_^
" are you one of them? "
(refer this passage : Why some of us keep littering even though they have been told about the negative consequences of doing that?? )

And to Miss shafika :)
*There was nothing about summary "thing" at the end of this book :)


  1. hahahha u know what?im laughing while reading your entry! LOL owh so ur going to read different book every week? :) this is a good start

    and the book is right, "Earth remain small but human population continuously grown (Bidlack & Jansky, n.a)"
    n u know what?that is why God crated human being that has less awareness about so many things in this world, so that people like you who is aware can help them realizing important things like this! :) let us make them realize ok!

  2. ha ha.. for the very 1st time you have leave ur cmnt here. thats also a good start :D

    btw, "Earth remain small but human population continuously grown" is not stated on the book. I've been summarized it from the human population on earth bla bla..
    that's where those word came from :D

    ok miss, let us :)

  3. will you answer that question to mr shahrin?
    HAHA. :D

    the conclusion is stop reproduce! :DD

  4. seriously abu?? who own da blog?? haha :p

    btw, stop reproduce wont settle anything. its humans desire to keep and keep producing..
    LOL, did I answer ur question or not??

  5. please work on your grammar.....