Sunday, June 5

Introductory Paragraph

My handwriting, worse as usual aka cakar ayam

This is the second task given by Miss Shafika.
We need to complete an introductory paragraph regarding Titanic movie.
"Was it the interesting movie or not"
So, I choose that Titanic is the best movie :)

After complete the task, she ask for a volunteer to wrote down their introductory paragraph infont.
Several seconds passes, then she select by random and even worse, that's me..OMG

let it be then, i just wrote it down again but HERE :)

          Everybody has a good time watching a movies. Titanic is an example of movies that attract millions of people in the world due to the historical related. I think, Titanic is the interesting movie ever because their production was able to produce a high quality of movie, it is the historical related movie and it bring brings back the memory of a tragic incident where the biggest ship at that century was crush crushed.

Red for error and blue for correction

Thanks again Miss Emy Shafika Nordin :)


  1. amboi. english tutorial ke ni. haha. thanks follow/ :)

  2. haha..bese la beb..
    ENGLISH berterab0r..
    kalau pandai xpe kan..heheh

    btw, no biggie bell :)

  3. jeles laa, aku nk die lg! best2

  4. 0wh.. b4 ni kaw kelas ngan dia la eyh??