Saturday, July 2

another interesting book ^_^

okay guys, refer to page 32, EAP
hahaha~~ <---- evil laugh :D

once again, I haven't pick any book yet and i decided to read how to "WRITING AN OUTLINE" again, so that I have a clue on how to completely make a better academic writing.
so, lets us begin : )

So, the outline huh?? the rough outline..
based on the book, this outline seems to be the most important thing to determine whether our academic writing interesting nor it could attract readers attention.

hurm.. okay, what next??
it is stated that this rough outline will help us arrange our main idea in form of OUTLINE and it will go several changes due to new ideas will be add on by us. it will make our academic writing in well organised and help our writing instructor to clearly see our ideas : )

then, thesis statement is a must to be constructed first. after that we can smoothly construct our topic sentence in the body paragraphs. it will act as a controlling idea of our writing. see how a simple thing (that we will never read if we are asked to) will play an important role in our academic writing?? (hahaha~~) 

major supporting points is a compulsory to be develop and elaborated through specific detail.
wait a sec, academic paper only consists of 5 or 6 paragraphs.. wohoa..!!

the next page basically about RULES IN PREPARING OUTLINE..
there are rule in writing OUTLINE?? what da

after all, there are too many of them to be listed. so I can conclude that Outline is important as a guideline before we proceed with our actual academic writing : )
tadaa ---> this is my rough outline.. a very very rough outline.. haha
I haven't done so much on my academic writing.
still searching a tempo to finish this up before a  dead line.

*I'm not that good with my English, and this is my OWN blog.
do you have A right to simply judge it??

*except for Miss Shafika : )


  1. Bila nak buat entry pasal A Doctor In The House plak? HAHA.

  2. A Doctor??
    means buku kaw ke??
    mmg x lah kan